Our story so far

Sunshine Manifesto

Daily sun exposure – 10 minutes per day minimum.

We believe in getting outside, feeling the sun on your skin, the ground beneath your feet, and the wind running through your hair.

We believe that nature bears many gifts, and that in it we can find opportunities to connect with ourselves, with others, and with our planet.

We believe that these habits have physical and mental health benefits that are important to the human condition.

We find joy in the small moments, and comfort in impermanence. Everything is always in flux, and that’s ok.

We’re always practicing, getting better, but being gentle with ourselves. We know nothing is perfect, and we don’t expect life to be either.

We are seekers, and we don’t always have all the answers. The one thing we know to be true: the sun will always be there for you.

Our Story

We’re Terrie and Frank, a husband and wife design duo originally from Canada but now based in Los Angeles.

Sunshine started when Frank made a sweater for himself and received compliments from strangers asking where he’d bought it. This icon became our symbol, and the Original Sun Sweater.

Over a few evenings, we toyed around with the idea of making more and selling the sweater online. This quickly turned into an ideation session that we couldn’t contain.

As practitioners of self-care, we strive to create garments with a wellness twist, that are accessible, classic, fun, and promote mental well-being: Meditative Streetwear.

We launched Sunshine in Baja California, from a small café in Tijuana, Mexico in 2019.

We hope you enjoy our creations.

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